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Entrepreneur action academy

The entrepreneur community to find your passion, take action, and build a lifestyle business.


Scripts & Templates

The scripts and tools you need to find your first customers and deliver your expertise

Private Community

Join like-minded entrepreneurs with an abundance and growth mindset to push yourself



Be held accountable to your goals so that you keep growing in the direction of your dreams


Monthly Hotseats

Get individual attention and share your learnings with the group

I have a huge confession to make! I am a course hoarder! I spent years and thousands of dollars taking course after course trying to build “passive income.” The truth was, I had the knowledge and expertise to make money without taking another course. What I lacked was accountability and an understanding of what to do next!

I created The Entrepreneur Action Academy to help entrepreneurs get UN-STUCK, and start building their lifestyle business. This is not a traditional online program where dropped into an upsell funnel. We build this community to put to use what’s already working.

I will share with you the exact steps I used to scale two six-figure business and launch an agency Mastermind.

What’s included:


Private Community of like-minded Entrepreneurs




Monthly On-demand Training Webinars


4 Spots for Member Hot Seats / Month (with the option to be featured on The Happiness of Pursuit to promote your business)


Training Archives, Scripts, Templates, and Planning Tools to help you scale


LIVE Quarterly Strategy & Planning Sessions


BONUS: Personalized Signed Copy of “Breakout Blueprint”*

I believe entrepreneurship is ‘the tool we use to dig a path to a brighter future’.

I created my podcast, wrote my book, and founded The Entrepreneur Action Academy to enable entrepreneurs to make an impact in the world while finding fulfillment in that journey.

My companies exist to help impact driven businesses scale. Our goal is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs build a lifestyle business by January of 2023.

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If you have been waiting to take your entrepreneurial leap, this community is designed to help you find your Zone of Genius, and monetize your expertise FAST. You don’t need another course, or a course on how to build a course, you need to take action with what you know today and build your empire!


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